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2018-2-1 · For this reason, the phagocytic capacity (PC), the phagocytic index (PI), the capacity of cell adhesion, cell spreading, cell spreading area of phagocytic amebocytes in vitro, and the coelomic fluid pH were analyzed in animals exposed to a pH of 8.0 (control group), 7.6 and 7.3.

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Bhati, Jagdish and Mohammed, Umar and Desai, Nandakumar (2017) Enhancing Market-Oriented Agricultural Production in the Pacific Island Countries: Implications for Extension Systems. Journal of South Pacific Agriculture, 20 . pp. 34-43. ISSN 1018-7774. Rahman, Mohammad Habibur and Naz, Rafia and Singh, Gurmeet (2016) E-government prospects and challenges in Fiji.

2018-5-25 · Modeling coding-sequence evolution within the context of residue solvent accessibility. PubMed. Scherrer, Michael P; Meyer, Austin G; Wilke, Claus O. 2012-09-12. Protein structure